Daniel 9

Daniel Prays for His People

9:1 In the first year of Darius1 son of Ahasuerus,2 who was of Median descent and who had been3 appointed king over the Babylonian4 empire – 9:2 in the first year of his reign5 I, Daniel, came to understand from the sacred books6 that, according to the word of the LORD7 disclosed to the prophet Jeremiah, the years for the fulfilling of the desolation of Jerusalem8 were seventy in number. 9:3 So I turned my attention9 to the Lord God10 to implore him by prayer and requests, with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes.11 9:4 I prayed to the LORD my God, confessing in this way:

“O Lord,12 great and awesome God who is faithful to his covenant13 with those who love him and keep his commandments, 9:5 we have sinned! We have done what is wrong and wicked; we have rebelled by turning away from your commandments and standards. 9:6 We have not paid attention to your servants the prophets, who spoke by your authority14 to our kings, our leaders, and our ancestors,15 and to all the inhabitants16 of the land as well.

9:7 “You are righteous,17 O Lord, but we are humiliated this day18 – the people19 of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem and all Israel, both near and far away in all the countries in which you have scattered them, because they have behaved unfaithfully toward you. 9:8 O LORD, we have been humiliated20 – our kings, our leaders, and our ancestors – because we have sinned against you. 9:9 Yet the Lord our God is compassionate and forgiving,21 even though we have rebelled against him. 9:10 We have not obeyed22 the LORD our God by living according to23 his laws24 that he set before us through his servants the prophets.

9:11 “All Israel has broken25 your law and turned away by not obeying you.26 Therefore you have poured out on us the judgment solemnly threatened27 in the law of Moses the servant of God, for we have sinned against you.28 9:12 He has carried out his threats29 against us and our rulers30 who were over31 us by bringing great calamity on us – what has happened to Jerusalem has never been equaled under all heaven! 9:13 Just as it is written in the law of Moses, so all this calamity has come on us. Still we have not tried to pacify32 the LORD our God by turning back from our sin and by seeking wisdom33 from your reliable moral standards.34 9:14 The LORD was mindful of the calamity, and he brought it on us. For the LORD our God is just35 in all he has done,36 and we have not obeyed him.37

9:15 “Now, O Lord our God, who brought your people out of the land of Egypt with great power38 and made a name for yourself that is remembered to this day – we have sinned and behaved wickedly. 9:16 O Lord, according to all your justice,39 please turn your raging anger40 away from your city Jerusalem, your holy mountain. For due to our sins and the iniquities of our ancestors, Jerusalem and your people are mocked by all our neighbors.

9:17 “So now, our God, accept41 the prayer and requests of your servant, and show favor to42 your devastated sanctuary for your own sake.43 9:18 Listen attentively,44 my God, and hear! Open your eyes and look on our desolated ruins45 and the city called by your name.46 For it is not because of our own righteous deeds that we are praying to you,47 but because your compassion is abundant. 9:19 O Lord, hear! O Lord, forgive! O Lord, pay attention, and act! Don’t delay, for your own sake, O my God! For your city and your people are called by your name.”48

Gabriel Gives to Daniel a Prophecy of Seventy Weeks

9:20 While I was still speaking and praying, confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel and presenting my request before the LORD my God concerning his holy mountain499:21 yes, while I was still praying,50 the man Gabriel, whom I had seen previously51 in a vision, was approaching me in my state of extreme weariness,52 around the time of the evening offering. 9:22 He spoke with me, instructing me as follows:53 “Daniel, I have now come to impart understanding to you. 9:23 At the beginning of your requests a message went out, and I have come to convey it to you, for you are of great value in God’s sight.54 Therefore consider the message and understand the vision:55

9:24 “Seventy weeks56 have been determined

concerning your people and your holy city

to put an end to57 rebellion,

to bring sin58 to completion,59

to atone for iniquity,

to bring in perpetual60 righteousness,

to seal up61 the prophetic vision,62

and to anoint a most holy place.63

9:25 So know and understand:

From the issuing of the command64 to restore and rebuild

Jerusalem65 until an anointed one, a prince arrives,66

there will be a period of seven weeks67 and sixty-two weeks.

It will again be built,68 with plaza and moat,

but in distressful times.

9:26 Now after the sixty-two weeks,

an anointed one will be cut off and have nothing.69

As for the city and the sanctuary,

the people of the coming prince will destroy70 them.

But his end will come speedily71 like a flood.72

Until the end of the war that has been decreed

there will be destruction.

9:27 He will confirm a covenant with many for one week.73

But in the middle of that week

he will bring sacrifices and offerings to a halt.

On the wing74 of abominations will come75 one who destroys,

until the decreed end is poured out on the one who destroys.”

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